Privacy Policy



Allied’s privacy policy is:


We do not share member names, addresses, or any other information with vendors. When we have a special promotion, the credit union handles all of the mailings through our own contracted mail services. The vendor does not have access to any of this information until the member requests the product or services.

Even though we do not share information with these third party vendors, we are providing members this opportunity to opt out anyway, as an extra level of protection to ensure that member information is not included in any new special promotions with our business partners.

I. What this policy covers:
This policy covers “nonpublic personal information.” This means personally identifiable information that Allied Credit Union or its affiliated Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) obtains about you in the course of providing services to you, our members and former members. It does not cover information that we or other entities obtain from public sources such as telephone directories or county real property records. It does not cover information that is not identified with any individual member or former member, such as a statement that a specified number of our members have auto loans with us, or a statement that the average combined account balance of our membership is a specified dollar amount. In this policy, the term “member” refers to both current and former members.

II. Our maintenance of the privacy and security of your information:
We restrict access to nonpublic personal information about you to persons who have a need to know the information to provide products and services for you or to meet our reasonable business needs. Credit Union staff, management and volunteers are trained to keep member information strictly confidential. If we release information about you to third parties, they must sign agreements to keep your information confidential unless certain conditions are met. For example, they are permitted to disclose information about you if necessary to provide products and services to you, if ordered to do so by a court, if necessary to conduct their own business, or if you give them permission. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulation to guard your nonpublic personal information.

III. Where we collect information about you:
We collect information about you

  • From your applications for our services;
  • From consumer reporting agencies such as credit bureaus and agencies that report checking account abuses;
  • From third parties we ask to verify information you have provided on your applications for our services, such as employers or other creditors;
  • From third parties with whom we have arrangements to provide services to you, such as financial institutions whose ATMs you use, merchants who accept your Credit Union credit card, mortgage lenders, or vehicle dealers.

IV. Types of information we collect and may disclose about you to third parties:
We may disclose to third parties any information that we have about you, including but not limited to your name, your address, your social security number, your date of birth, your transaction history with us, your assets and your income.

V. Third parties to whom we may disclose information about you for purposes of conducting our business with you:
We may disclose information about you under the following general circumstances:

  • To the extent necessary to provide services that you request;
  • To the extent necessary to conduct our business;
  • To our internal and external auditors, to our legal advisors, to our insurers, and to our regulatory agencies such as the California Department of Financial Institutions or the National Credit Union Administration;
  • If we are required to do so by law, such as when we receive a court order, levy, subpoena, or other validly issued legal process;
  • If you give us written permission.

Specific examples of types of third parties to whom we disclose information include

  • Credit bureaus;
  • Third parties vendors that assist us with providing or marketing member services, such as check printers, mortgage lenders, mail houses, plastic card processors, credit life and disability insurance providers, collateral appraisers and vehicle dealers participating in our dealer loan programs;
  • Third parties with whom we have joint marketing arrangements;
  • Third parties who are involved in your transactions, such as the Federal Reserve and other financial institutions that process your checks, automated clearinghouse (ACH) transactions and ATM transactions;
  • Third parties whose services are necessary to meet our business needs, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, companies that insure collateral you have pledged as security for Credit Union loans, and debt collectors.

Allied Credit Union and the Credit Union’s affiliate CUSO can exchange information about their transactions and experiences with you.

You cannot opt out of disclosure of information about you as described in section V.

VI. Third parties to whom we disclose information for other reasons:
Allied Credit Union or the CUSO may disclose information about you to third parties that sell their own products or services, but only after we have obtained your written consent to do so (opt in). Although we do not guarantee the products or services of any third party, we select third parties to which we give information about you carefully, and believe the products or services they offer may be of interest to you. Examples of third parties to whom we may give information about members include financial planners, investment advisors, and companies that sell various types of insurance.

We will generally disclose only your name, address and telephone number. We may give lists of members who fall within certain categories, such as a range of ages, income, account balances, or home ownership, so that third parties can target their promotions to members who are likely to be interested in and qualified for the offered products or services. We never give your specific financial information, account numbers, or Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) to third parties selling their own products or services to you.

Unless you have opted in, we are already prohibited from disclosing information about you to third parties selling their own products and services, and prohibited from exchanging information (other than information about their transactions and experiences with you) about you. Once a third party has information about you, however, they may continue to contact you. You should contact the third party directly if you wish to be excluded from their contact lists.

VII. Our right to change this policy:
This policy is effective January 1, 2004. We can change this policy by notifying you in writing. If a new policy will be subject to a change in rights, we will give you at least 30 days advance notice before the new policy goes into effect, and we will disclose means by which you can opt in or opt out of disclosure of non-public personal information.

VIII. Opting Out:
If you do not want us to give information about you to third parties who are selling their own products or services, and not to exchange information other than transactions and experiences between Allied Credit Union and the CUSO, you can opt out at any time by calling (209) 235-9119 or by completing an opt-out form and returning it in person to our Stockton office, or mailing it to us at the address given on the form. Once we receive your request, we have a reasonable amount of time to stop the disclosures. If you later decide you no longer want to opt out, you can do one of the following:

  • Call the phone number mentioned above
  • Write to us.

If you have a joint account or joint credit, each of you can opt out on behalf of all joint account holders or joint borrowers. Joint owners or borrowers who do not opt out using this election form may later opt out by calling Allied Credit Union’s phone number or by requesting an opt-out form.